there are three grounds for an appeal this year an appeal against an academic judgment an appeal on the grounds of discrimination and an appeal against an unresolved administrative error joel stewart our director of qualifications development explains what it means to make an appeal against an academic judgment

this is where you believe that the grade submitted by your school college or training provider to sqa is lower than the grade that you believe you should have received for your assessments the first step that you have to take is to talk to your teacher or lecturer it is really important that you understand what assessment evidence was used

and how your grade was decided upon this will help you decide whether appealing on academic judgment is right for you if you go ahead with an appeal your school college or training provider will send sqa the assessment evidence that they use to decide upon your grade sqa will then review the evidence against the national standard for the course

there are three possible outcomes for appealing on the grounds of an academic judgment firstly your grade could go up secondly there could be no change to your grade it stays the same or thirdly your grade could go down this is consistent with what we do every year and make sure that the decisions are based on evidence visit uk forward slash appeals for more information

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