Full Kinship Care a Case Study

learners coming into the early learning and childcare sector need to be aware that some children and young people in their care come from a variety of family backgrounds and circumstances

here we see Laura a young girl who is cared for by our grandparents in a kinship care arrangement laura has been collected from school buy jelly in our child minder his experience of supporting children who due to a variety of circumstances are cared for by a

family member other than their birth parents either child minders house the children are given a free choice of games and activities to flee together Lauda chooses a game that involves more than one Pearson this will help law to build social

relationships Lauda can help the younger child in a positively whale’s tail pink to build water self-esteem and feeling of self-worth the game helps develop hand-eye coordination fine motor manipulative skills turn taking and also negotiating skills the child

painter has provided a range of mark-making materials and resources for the children to use these resources encourage the development of writing and the opportunity to use tools to convey messages snack team consists of healthy choices the child

minder clears the table when eating to take away distractions she takes this opportunity to discuss their day promoting conversation Wales developing language and social skills developing the habit of setting together at the table is a valuable

socialization for the children and it teaches them that it can be an enjoyable and relaxing experience Lauda’s grandfather clicks art and takes time to communicate with Laura and each Elmander by involving Laura and the discussion they are promoting your

self-esteem and confidence Laura is aware their grandfather and our child minder work together as part of a small team to ensure the best outcome for her involving Laura and the discussions and decision-making ensures her needs are made in a consistent

and informed we matter what sort of Carradine German are home in vitamin A child comes from parental or family and Boots should be seen as an important part of the decision-making process when working with different professionals and what could be

a multi-agency approach the arrangement we’ve seen is a very positive outcome for Laura however not all children are young people are as happier as comfortable with their arrangement and they might need further support or intervention

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