The Business Management papers are usually thought to be among the easiest of the SQA assessments. But they are still daunting, so it’s worth putting in some preparation time.

So, if you want to know how to get the best possible marks in this assessment, don’t miss this easy-to-follow guide! You’ll learn everything you need to know about what is expected of you and how to plan your study time. There are also plenty of tips for tackling each question type that will help bring up your grade! From marking schemes and topics covered in past papers to exam tips and pitfalls, this guide has everything you need for success.

The SQA Business Management paper

The Business Management paper is one of the most popular of SQA’s examinations for learning providers to offer. It takes just three hours to complete, and includes an optional compulsory case study.

To get the best possible grade in this assessment you need to read the marking scheme carefully before you sit down to write your answers. If you know what is expected of you beforehand, it will be far easier when it comes to the exam day! Find out what each question will be testing and how much time you should spend on each section before you begin your preparation.

It’s also a good idea to review past papers in order to see what topics are likely to come up. You can also look at what other learners got right and wrong in previous assessments and learn from their mistakes (or successes!) in order to plan your own time well in advance.

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How to prepare for the assessment

The best way to prepare for the Business Management papers is to start early, so you have plenty of time to study. Have a look through past papers in order to get an idea of what is being tested and how the questions are phrased.

It’s also worth doing some practice questions at least once a week to help you stay on top of your subject matter and remember what it feels like taking the paper. This will also help you identify any areas where you need more revision.

Have a go at this free SAQA Business Management question below!

Get familiar with the assessment

The Business Management paper is a two-hour, closed-book assessment divided into three sections: Section 1 – Strategic Management, Section 2 – Financial Management and Section 3 – Marketing.

In this post, we’ll cover the following topics to help you get started with your preparation:

-Section 1 – Strategic Management

-Section 2 – Financial Management

-Section 3 – Marketing

Know what is expected of you

The Business Management paper is a two-hour, written examination that tests your knowledge of the issues and principles relevant to business management as well as your ability to think critically and analyse problems.

It covers the following areas:

Marketing strategy

Operations management


Human resource management

Law for business managers

You can expect to be asked about:

The structure and function of organisations and markets

Marketing and finance theory and practice

Labour law for business managers

The legal environment of doing business in South Africa; and

Plan your study time

Planning your study time for this assessment is crucial. It will make sure you have enough time to do the reading and review the resources recommended, as well as prepare for each topic.

The best way to plan your time is by working backwards from the exam date, listing each of the topics on a spreadsheet and estimating how long you’ll need to study for each one. You can then use this to break up your study time into manageable chunks.

For example, if you want to spend two hours a day on business management – which equals ten hours – then break it down into four blocks of two hours over a five-day period. This would give you plenty of time to cover all the topics without feeling overwhelmed or rushed.

Exam Tips

You can save time by reading the questions first, then completing the ones you know first.

Mark your answer before you go back to check.

Don’t spend too long on any one question; be aware of the time limit.

Jot down pointers as you go along (for example, for a list of points, use numbers).

Keep working after your initial thoughts to reduce the number of marks lost for incorrect answers.

Section-by-Section Walkthrough

In this section, we’ll cover the four sections of the SAQA Business Management papers.

Section 1: English Language

Section 2: Mathematics

Section 3: Economics

Section 4: Basic Economics (optional)

Question Types

To answer the SAQA Business Management paper, there are four question types:

1) Essay question

2) Multiple choice questions

3) Selection of two questions

4) True or false questions

Marking Schemes.

The marking scheme is the rubric that guides how your paper will be marked. It’s important to note that not all SQA exams have a marking scheme, but if they do, it will be given to you alongside your exam paper.

You need to know what the criteria are for each question type and mark accordingly. It’s also crucial to understand how grades are allocated. The marking scheme may say “A = 8-10 marks” but it doesn’t mean every question needs an 8-10 – just those which are worth more marks. You’ll find out what questions you should answer first, so you can work on them first before starting on the others. This saves time and makes answering easier because you’re working on questions of similar difficulty, rather than jumping around from one question type to another. Make sure you read the instructions carefully before marking your paper!

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