The appeals process is the fifth and final stage of the Alternative Certification Model.

You have the right to appeal directly to SQA for free, and you can register that you want to appeal from Friday 25 June.

There are three types of appeal this year:

1. An appeal against the academic judgement made

2. An appeal against an unresolved administrative error

3. An appeal on the grounds of discrimination where there has been a breach of the Equality Act 2010 or where your school, college or training provider failed to provide agreed assessment arrangements.

Your school, college or training provider should have kept you updated about your progress throughout the year…

and confirmed your provisional results with you before 25 June.

You should know what your provisional results are, and importantly, how the decision to award them was reached…

based on the assessments you have completed.

SQA will not change these results.

If you are unhappy with your provisional results, you can register for an appeal on the SQA website.

You will need to give a few details including your name, your date of birth…

your Scottish Candidate Number, and details of the subject and level you want to appeal…

such as Higher Chemistry, or National 5 Business Studies.

You will also need to confirm if you are waiting on a result to confirm a place at college, university, or with an employer or training programme.

If you are appealing against an unresolved administrative error…

or on the grounds of discrimination contrary to the Equality Act…

you will be asked to provide a short written explanation of what you believe has happened.

You will receive your results certificate on Tuesday 10 August by post, and by text, or email if you signed up to MySQA.

If you have registered for an appeal, SQA will confirm this with your school, college or training provider.

You should speak to your school, college, or training provider at this point to confirm if an appeal is in your best interests.

If you decide to withdraw your appeal, contact to cancel your request before Thursday 12 August.

If you did not register for an appeal before Results Day, you can still do so yourself before Thursday 12 August.

If you decide to appeal your grade after 12 August you can ask your school, college or training provider to submit an appeal to SQA for you.

Priority requests must be sent to SQA by Tuesday 24 August, and all other appeals by Friday 27 August.

The final decision to appeal is yours.

For appeals against the academic judgement made…

your school, college or training provider will send the evidence that was used to decide your results to SQA for review.

For appeals against unresolved administrative errors and discrimination…

SQA will review your request in discussion with your school, college or training provider.

Schools, colleges and training providers can also advise SQA of any errors they have found.

In each case, once the appeal has been completed…

SQA will inform your school, college or training provider of the outcome, who will then confirm the result with you.

Priority appeals will be processed by Wednesday 8 September in-line with UCAS deadlines.

If your result changes following an appeal, SQA will send you a new certificate later in the year.

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