To create a study plan basically what
you need to do is to organize your time

really, really well you need to make sure
you know what subjects you’re needing to

study most for make sure you know
everything in your units and make sure

that you definitely know and you know
that you’ve covered the course make sure

you are prepared for the questions
coming up.

For me creating a study plan the best thing to do would for me to look at my exams and what exams I had coming up

in next three weeks or so and I would
prioritize to which ones I felt needed

the most revision and then I’d allocate
certain times each day to revise to for certain exams.

For exams I create a study timetable I look on the SQA website to find out when my exams will be and go from there

so I make sure that my first exams take most priority before the last exams

I usually wait till I get my exam time table first and so I know what to study when to study it and how long I need to study at for

Each exam is different . If there’s five days you on one exam in two days between another exam

it’s important to base your revision on how difficult you find the subject and how long you can leave

yourself time to device for it but each
exams in a unique so give yourself time

and you know just with your revision just
try and revise as much as possible

because you only need to do it once and
after you’ve done it you know it’s out

of the way you know, exams are important.


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