SQA Exam Top Tips


  • SQA Exam Top Tips


  • SQA past papers are really good the marking instructions especially because if you think


  • something might be right it might not be what the SQA accept so I really recommend looking


  • through the marking instructions to see what they accept and what they don’t accept.


  • I would use the specimen papers and the the model papers that were brought out because


  • it gave you good practice questions and also you got kind of used to the format of the
  • exams before you went in and that was really useful because you weren’t too stressed and
  • you kind of had an idea of what was going to come up, so they were really useful.
  • I used the SQA model specimen papers for National 5 as they were no past papers available but
  • I also used some of the // past papers online which is for free which is really good and
  • it helped a lot.
  • I’d usually just study in my room and close the door so it was quite and then
  • I’d take away all the distractions so I wouldn’t just look at my phone and things
  • and then I found the past papers quite helpful
    just to see what sorts of questions might be in the exams.


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