the big day has arrived s QA results RN you have probably signed up to receive your results by text or email but in addition you will receive an S QA certificate by post this contains important information about SCQF levels and credit points and is particularly valuable if you didn’t receive the results you need for example to move on to hires to secure an apprenticeship or a place of college or university so what is the SC TF and what are SC QF levels and credit points.

the SCQF is the National qualifications framework for Scotland and is a way of describing and comparing qualifications it describes a qualification by giving it a level to show how hard it is and a number of credit points to show how much work is involved there are twelve levels level one the simplest and level 12 the most complex for example a national five is at SCQF level five and an advanced higher is at SCQF level seven one credit point equals ten hours of effort for example a higher has 24 s CPF credit points so you have to spend 240 hours of your time in achieving it with your SQA certificate you get a profile sheet

which includes your SCUF profile the SCQF credit points are added up and updated each time you get a new certificate from s QE you the SCQF is a lifelong learning framework so also covers the qualifications you can take at youth clubs college university and even when you start working including the SC QF levels of all your qualifications will enhance your CV

but understanding the SCQF can help you work out your next move have a look at our leaflet called connecting your learning journey in the resources section of our website this contains lots of information on the SCQF and should help you understand what it’s all about the SCQF you’re learning sorted

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